Fourth of July celebrations hit southern California hard this weekend, with a drive through Santa Ana all the way up into LA sounding like you were taking a stroll through Verdun at its height. With the holiday weekend comes drunken celebrations, which, unfortunately, often also means a fair amount of impaired driving.

A friend of mine was recently involved in one such incident. He was driving home from a family get together, driving through an intersection when a Mercedes G wagon who was trying to ‘make a light’ slammed into his car from the side, crumpling it into a mass of jagged metal and fiberglass.

“It really was just a single second that made a difference between us hitting and missing each other,” he told me later. “I was slowing down to stop for the red light when it turned green, I was still going about forty so I started accelerating again, happy as can be at my good luck.”

“If I had slowed down a little more, or if I had waited an extra couple seconds to start accelerating again, the whole thing never would have happened. As I passed the crosswalk, I noticed the headlights. I barely even had time to look over at the direction they were coming from before it happened. Everything became kind of blurry, and I woke back up in the hospital about an hour later.”

My friend got off lucky, all things considering: a wicked case of whiplash, a mild concussion, and a broken tibia. The driver of the G-wagon, of course, got out of the crash with nothing but a trip to the drunk tank and a bad hangover.

This left my friend in a pretty significant bind, though. He was an hourly worker, and with no way of working for the next month or two, he had no way of earning income. Once the hospital bills began rolling in, that’s when he began looking for personal injury attorneys in Rancho Bernardo.

He eventually settled on Villasenor Law Offices to handle his case, and the settlement he got from the lawsuit more than covered his medical bills. He still talks about the professionalism and diligence they showed, making sure that he got everything he would need to get back on his feet once his injuries healed up and he was able to get back to work.

Marissa Sheppard’s testimonial on their Google profile provides a little insight into the great depth the firm goes into when representing a client:

“I am grateful Chris and Vicky for all the hard work they did in helping with my case.  I appreciated the professionalism, the honesty and integrity this law office represented from beginning to end.  Chris is very knowledgeable in the field and comes w years of experience that shows in the way he handled my case.  He was patient and kind in his communications of the process I would have to navigate. I am happy w the outcome and the process. Trusting someone you don’t know isn’t always easy. If I needed this type of help in the future, I would seek the help of Chris and Vicky again. Thank you both!!!”

Marissa and my friend are both greatly appreciative of the good work from Villasenor. If you have been subject to an auto accident in the San Diego area and are in need of representation, Villasenor Law Office’s reputation for honesty, integrity, and an amazing work ethic makes for a great choice.

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