As the leading voice of business review and guidance in Souther California, SCS works to create and sustain a favorable business environment in which all businesses can thrive.

South County Services is committed to making all Southern California counties business friendly, impact minded, and a place where businesses can grow and creating a notable job environment . We are constantly working to advance pro-business policies and block anti-jobs bills, while leading initiatives that may have a widespread impact on employers. These programs take time and resources. With the support of our members, partners, and community, we aim to to ensure commerce is heard at every level.

  • Healthcare

    Priorities for health workers and organizaitons

  • Innovation and Technology

    Connecting the right leaders in the innovation economy

  • Construction and Housing

    Focus on renovation and urban development

  • Energy, Water, Environment

    Provisions to clean, accessible utilities

  • Transportation

    New directions for our streets and highways

  • Nonprofits

    Attentive community programs