Despite our modern living standards and condition, we still need to combat the encroachment of problems even early man had to deal with – the pests and vermin that destroy our property and spread the poor humors that cause disease and health issues. Mice, rats, insects of all kinds, and the critter that tops every homeowner’s most wanted list, the termite, still live with us intractably after thousands of years.

The good news is, we now have modern weapons to deal with them! Science and engineering solutions to pest problems have limited their malfeasance from being possibly life-altering to merely pesky, as long as they are taken care of promptly.

Enter the modern exterminator, utilizing the tools modern science has provided to destroy the pests as efficiently and non-intrusively as possible. In our neck of the woods here in southern Orange County, the best option you have for the prevention and elimination of infestations is Natural Science Exterminating.

Established in 1986, the company has been on the forefront of pest control technology, utilizing natural compounds found to prevent pests from getting into homes without causing environmental harm. Now, the team is offering a free termite and general pest inspection to make sure your home is pest-free, and if they find something living in there, their services are prompt and effective.

If you need proof on the company’s efficacy, just ask Erik W., who left this lengthy review on their Yelp page:

“I just moved into my new home. After painting and installing new flooring, we noticed insects flying around. Fearful of a termite inspection, we had two exterminators come inspect the property. The first company came and inspected the garage and the attic. After concluding no termites were in the garage, he inspected the attic (an area where I didn’t follow) and reported dry termite infestation in the attic. He recommended a fumigation tent, charging approximately 2 thousand.

I called Dave after to get a second opinion on the house. Being in the service industry, Dave knows his reputation and integrity are tantamount to his business success. With the first inspection in my mind, I dreaded paying an additional two thousand to move in, not to mention the week or two delay to move in. Dave thoroughly inspected the garage and attic (he spent almost a half hour in the attic trying to confirm the presence of dry termites).

Not once did Dave try to sell me the tent, on the contrary, Dave did not try to sell me anything. He confirmed no termites in the attic. When I asked if I should do anything preventative, Dave mentioned there’s a spray he can apply to all the bare wood in the attic that would help prevent infection. However, to his own words, I didn’t need it.

While the world is reacting to covid-19 where many small businesses are suffering, I’m happy to see upstanding small business owners who have the integrity to do the right thing instead of recommending unnecessary services. Rest assured, even if there’s a global pandemic, Dave will honestly inspect and recommend what is absolutely necessary, not what will make him money.”

The company provides termite tenting services in Garden Grove and the rest of southern Orange County, so if you begin seeing signs of imminent termite invasion, don’t hesitate to call. They’ll get the critters out of your house and make sure they stay out:

Natural Science Exterminating

(800) 246-7378

11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841