Today, we have the privilege of hosting an exclusive interview with the renowned multi-millionaire entrepreneur and Southern California native, Lucas Harrington. We delve into what he says is a new era in his life.

Good afternoon, Mr. Harrington. Thank you for sitting down with us today. You don’t often do personal interviews. Can you tell us why that is?

Harrington: Thank you for having me. I prefer my successes in the technology industry to be the headlines, not the intimate tumultuous affairs of my personal life. However, I have observed how the media tends to depict a certain narrative of me, and at this point in my life, I would like to tell my story and set the record straight.

You are very well known for being an incredible businessman, and your launches indeed make plenty of headlines. What drives your passion for entrepreneurship?

Harrington: Ultimately, I strongly believe that the purpose of entrepreneurs is to make the world a better place. Innovation transforms lives by leveraging technology, which can really be used to improve anything in life. I’m not the first person who has done so—Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Nikola Tesla—these were all great men who contributed to society meaningfully.

It is indeed a noble pursuit to apply yourself and contribute to the greater good. Along the way to achieving success, some might say you have a bit of a reputation for being relentless and sometimes even arrogant, at least in your business negotiations. How do you feel about that?

Harrington: When you are so used to winning all the time, you don’t learn and reflect as much on your weaknesses. It wasn’t until my last divorce that I realized I maybe didn’t always see things quite clearly, but that was only because all of my divorces prior to the last one were settled through divorce lawyers. My lawyers were very skilled at negotiating for me. My last wife was the one who insisted on mediation.

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What is your perspective on the public fascination about your private life?

Harrington: I have been married more than once and divorced more than once. Marriage has been a learning curve for me. I have regrets for my mistakes in all of my marriages. I mistook our dynamic to be hierarchical, not unlike the relationship between a CEO and their staff. I realized too late in my life that marriage should be balanced and fair among two people who form a team.

How did you realize that the key to success in marriage is different from that of being a tech CEO multi-millionaire?

Harrington: My last divorce was probably the healthiest one. I didn’t have lawyers, of course, because the process involves having an Orange County mediator facilitate the conversation between you and your spouse directly. I had never really sat down and participated in these discussions without a lawyer. Mediation surprised me. My ex expressed her concerns and rationale behind her proposal, and we were able to amicably settle on an agreement without the back and forth.

Mr. Harrington, it is truly inspiring to hear you share this with us. If mediation can help someone like you, we are sure that it can help many others as well.

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