Ever since I learned that bee populations were collapsing due to rampant pesticide usage back in high school, I’ve been extremely hesitant to use an exterminator on my properties. The mental image of a jumpsuit-clad man spraying noxious chemicals and destroying the happy pollinators in my yard was just too strong.

Luckily, my wife introduced me to the concept of eco-friendly pest control after our most recent outbreak of ants destroying our fruit tree crop. Apparently, someone figured out that there are naturally occurring chemicals that can perform the same function as the industrial poisons we traditionally use, and they don’t have issues with bioaccumulation in the local wildlife.

Unfortunately, many of our local pest control companies haven’t made the switch over to natural and safe exterminating yet, leaving us with a growing ant problem and an empty fruit basket. While delving deeper into the concept, however, I did manage to stumble across one forward-thinking local exterminator that seems to have embraced ‘green’ pest control and provide top-tier service to their clientele.

Natural Science Exterminating is an Orange County local business that utilizes natural chemical compounds, including those found in the rinds of citrus fruits, to break down the outer carapace of pesky critters and destroy them without the need for industrial chemicals. They also seem to go above and beyond for their customers, as evidenced by their glowing online testimonials. Here’s a small taste of what I found:

We have been using Natural Science Exterminating for years.  We started back when they were called Hired Gun.  We initially hired them to deal with a termite problem.  They were able to effectively treat the issue without resorting to tenting.  (The other firms we contacted for quotes all wanted to tent.) We continue to use them for annual termite inspections and also for bi-monthly treatment of spiders and ants.  Brian, our exterminator, is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and on-time.  He answers all of our questions and gives us options for the best treatment solution for any of our issues. – Nicholas Gebelt, Google Review

We had a great experience with natural science exterminating. The inspection. Was done quickly after we called and the explanation of our small termite problem was explained clearly. They presented us with a few options for treatment and didn’t pressure any of them. When we called for service they were out within a few days and the tech who did the work, Brian was excellent. He explained what he was doing, what he needed from me and was super careful while he did his work. He left all the areas he worked in cleaner than they were before he got there. He was also very quick and efficient. – Chris M., Yelp Review

Been using natural science exterminating for over a year now and they have been awesome. I use their eco friendly solution as we have pets and they got rid of our ant and spider problem. I really appreciate that they allow me to change from monthly in the summer to bi-monthly in the winter. – Robert G., Yelp Review

If you have been holding off on calling pest control for fear of introducing yet more pollutants into the local environment, natural pest control represents the perfect solution for you. Get in contact with Natural Science Exterminating today!

Natural Science Exterminating


11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841