The current COVID-19 pandemic has required that all businesses enforce many restrictions and guidelines. The world is gradually coming to terms with this condition while trying to get back to some sense of normalcy.

As it currently stands, the world cannot return to operating as it once had. The workplace that existed before the pandemic is no longer feasible. Following the protocol for maintaining social distancing in your office or space is mandatory. Given such circumstances, it is best to modify your workspace with minimal changes, while achieving effective results.

Here are some tips to design a safer workspace for social distancing:

  • Ensure a distance of 2 meters between two workstations.
  • Choose desks and chairs that are easy to wipe, disinfect, and clean. The furniture should not be of absorbent material that is difficult to clean and sterilize.
  • Keep staff in rotation to avoid having too many people occupying the space at one time. Ensure that they are spread out at all times. 
  • Allow those who can work remotely to work from home.
  • De-clutter hallway and shelving area for ease of maintenance, cleaning, and sanitization.

Social distancing is of the highest priority in our world today. However, many businesses cannot afford to shut down their operations, as they require in-person work. While safety measures like lockdown are effective, many businesses will find it to be an infeasible permanent solution, as they cannot operate remotely. Businesses of all sizes are attempting to learn, adjust, and live with the situation.

It is important to consider the most effective methods of meeting social distancing requirements. Many offices do not have much space to re-position desks and cubicles in a fashion that is spread out, due to limitations of space utility. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry as there are some simple and equally effective ways to protect your workers from health hazards. Implementing simple solutions like clear panels or office dividers will not only resolve the issue of social distancing, but it may also help put life back on track at the workplace.

If there is a lack of space in your office and the nature of the work requires in-person attendance of staff, the best way to tackle the issue of social distancing is through clear panels and office dividers. There are many advantages of installing clear panels between two workstations.

Creative Office Design in LA offers clear panels that are easy to wipe and sterilize. The panels and shields will prevent direct contact. Office dividers ensure sufficient distancing between people so as to significantly reduce the possibility of the spread of infection. They serve the purpose of a shield or barrier while permitting the staff to interact with each other without feeling enclosed in a gloomy way. 

Health and safety screens are currently in demand as they are freestanding and easy to install. For offices based in Orange County, office dividers can be purchased from Creative Office Design. They offer separation and distance from sneezes, coughs, and other forms of contact. Your staff will feel more at ease and encouraged to work in a space where they feel protected.

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