House pests can be a major problem in every home, neighbourhood, city, and country. Pests and insects have been around since before the beginning of humanity and do not show any mark of leaving Earth anything soon. House pests come in all different species, shapes, and sizes. 

This article is an overview of the top house pests in America today. 

Wasps and Bees 

Different types of bees are useful to the environment and cross-pollination. These tiny flying bugs are recognized for being near flowers and fruit trees. They create their nests in corners and crevices around the house, in the garage, and in other isolated areas. 

Some homeowners find it difficult to distinguish between wasps and bees because both can offer a painful sting. Wasps are more aggressive predators than bees, which only attack people when provoked. 


Undoubtedly, ants are one of the planet’s most popular insects, being the most sought-after bug to study as a child. Queen ants live for many years and can have plenty of babies. Ants account for a significant fraction of the total animal biomass on the planet. So, probabilities are, some of them are in just one’s household. 

Brown Ants on Green Surface
Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels


These tiny creatures are crawlers that do not need to sleep; termites can work 24/7, making them one of the worse pests a person can have in their home. If infested, homeowners need to call pest control for termite extermination immediately as they can damage the house structure’s integrity. Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood. It is why they will gnaw everything made of that material in the house. Furthermore, termites are categorized as a serious safety problem because they can turn solid wood structures weak and brittle. In addition to wood, termites will also look for drywall, paper, and books.


Arachnids are creatures that are both attractive to learn more about but also scary to look at. The country has thousands of small and big spider species. The eight-legged bug makes its silk web to catch prey in order to feed itself. These creatures live everywhere. Spiders are often seen in dark areas of a room or in space between walls. They will bite humans in self-defense. 


Household mice are active and full of life all year round. They nest in warm, quiet spaces like the insides of cabinets or walls. Mice continuously chew, damage furnishings, and gnaw packaging to access food. These house pests are also considered to spread various diseases to humans. 


These small pests prefer to live in wall cavities and kitchens. They come out after dark, feeding on any food they can find. Homeowners must be wary, as cockroaches may bring a plethora of diseases as well. 


There are more than one hundred species of mosquitoes in America. These pests often bite and begin to become a concern as temperatures increase in spring and into the summer season. 

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