Divorce is a messy business, but like in all businesses, there are some firms who are able to rise above all others in the quality or services they provide for their customers. For family law, that means select firms that are capable of providing the best representation possible so that their clients are given the best possible chance of finding a positive outcome once their relationships end and they begin deliberations on who receives what.

Notorious for their practices in the best of times, there is nevertheless a distinct need for divorce lawyers in a highly litigious society such as our own, and getting a solid attorney to represent you in the proceedings may determine whether or not you get to see your children outside of holidays and the occasional weekend for the foreseeable future. In short, hiring the best possible family attorney may determine the course of both your and your children’s futures, and you never want to skimp on that.

For Orange County viewers, this means hiring a firm like Shuff Law, a locally based family law practice that has had a combined 70+ years of experience in the field. The father-daughter team has been working for years on every kind of case imaginable, simple or complex, and have managed to build an astounding clientele who can’t help but sing their praises.

Just take a look at some of the glowing testimonials from both Yelp and Google reviews to get a quick picture about what we’re talking about:

He was so understanding. He helped me get my daughter back into my life after years of estrangement. I had changed my life and became responsible for my actions. He helped me plead my case and get me a step up plan would prove my new direction to all parties involved. My daughter is still in my life and I am forever grateful.

Travis Kratch, Google Review

Posted on behalf of Leonard Peikoff, client:  The Shuff Law Firm of Santa Ana was recommended to me by a legal expert I happen to know in New York City. I went to the Shuffs with a complex problem involving adversaries and money, and they guided and looked out for me at every step, once even pointing out vigorously that I was offering my opponent too much money; the final contract covered many issues to protect me from damaging possibilities that I had not even thought of. In sum, I found the Shuffs to be friendly people, thorough, confidence-inspiring, and easy to talk to. I am certainly happy to recommend them.

Shelley Jones, Google Review
Read Michael G.‘s review of Shuff Law Firm on Yelp

Finding the right attorney can seem like a daunting task, with the huge number of firms and individuals available to pick from, so we’re hoping we can make your search a little easier by highlighting one of the most successful and long-running firms in southern California and broadcasting the news of their success. We hope you use Shuff law to reshape the future in a form that comports with your future happiness, and wish you good luck in your future endeavors!

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