After the big series of storms that passed through southern California in early January, I thought I had seen the last of it, and we’d quickly be back to our regularly scheduled programming. While the rain was coming down, I noticed a couple of our planters had collapsed around the drainage system.

“No big deal,” I thought. I’d have plenty of time between now and the next winter to get that problem taken care of. Big mistake!

Over the weekend, we had yet another deluge. While this one didn’t hold a candle to January’s, I came out Sunday morning to find that my flower beds had become one large, muddy pond.

As it turned out, a significant amount of soil had turned into the muck and made its way into the drains. This caused an enormous blockage, and I was stuck with a big swamp that was threatening to drown my precious perennials.

That’s when I got on the net and started looking for anyone who could help unclog my drain. I happened to run into a San Diego local plumbing company – California Plumbing – who could get the job done by the end of the week.

What really stuck out about the company was its incredible reviews on Yelp. I seriously have never seen a plumbing company that was so well-liked by its customers. Here, have a look:

Nothing bad to say about California Plumbing. Quick to answer and send out a plumber. They were young but knowledgeable. Hector and Ernesto offered good suggestions and walked me through the alternatives for my bathtub that was backing up. When asked, they expressed their honest opinion about previous plumbing jobs done at the house. I was quite pushy about wanting to run the camera through the main line. Hector reached out to the Co. and set up an appointment to come back out the next day with the equipment and Ernesto who operates it. I also wanted footage as a reference, and Ernesto went back in there to record and handed me the USB, no ifs or buts. They cut nicely into the drywall which made it easier for me to patch, so thanks for that too. Fair pricing, btw!

Read Phyllis B.‘s review of California Plumbing on Yelp

Had to call a plumber because I needed my garbage disposal decided that the morning of my house warming would be perfect to back up, no longer turn on and start a mini waterfall underneath my sink. I called other plumbing companies and the only one that had someone available now was California Plumbing. Benji came out within an hour of my call. He gave me the honest run down and got the job done faster then I could blink. He had replaced my garbage disposal and gave me some advice about how to troubleshoot in the future should I encounter another problem with it. I don’t know if its part of the job but he even helped with cleaning up the mess the flood made. If you’re in a jam and need it done absolutely now, I would definitely recommend them.

If you’re like me and waited too long to get your drains cleaned and sorted out, do yourself a favor and look up California Plumbing. They’ll get the job done, pronto, and with no damage done to your fragile flower garden.

California Plumbing