Recently, as I was walking my dog through my neighborhood, I watched a neighbor slowly pacing around his front lawn, hands on hips, clearly annoyed. As I walked closer, the subject of his consternation became clear: his turf looked like it was suffering from some sort of pox.

The green was intermittently mottled with patches of yellow dead grass and brown bald spots where the dirt was poking through. There were bags of fertilizer, grass seed, and parts for a new sprinkler system strewn about the yard – clearly, he was about to go on the offensive against whatever it was that was killing his grass.

It got me thinking – would I be willing to put that much effort into saving some grass that was there purely for aesthetic reasons? Tearing up the ground to install an expensive new sprinkler system, planting new seeds, all without any guarantee that it would actually save the turf?

The answer I came to was: probably not. I have a full plate in life, and I’m not going to willingly add ‘constant lawn maintenance’ to the docket.

Well, for the people like me who enjoy the aesthetic of the lawn but aren’t willing to put in the time and money to maintain it, we should be glad to live in the 21st century. We’ve made replacements that look and feel just like the real thing – artificial turf.

For those of us who live in the parched land of southern California, artificial turf can save not only us from a consistent headache, but can also save the state a significant amount of water. To that end, we’ve decided to spotlight a local Orange County company that are certified experts in installing fake grass and artificial turf: NoMow Turf.

NoMow has been saving people’s time and money with expertly done artificial turf installations since 2005 and has a list of glowing testimonials a mile long on their yelp page, which currently sits at a 5-star rating. Reviews like Kevin’s describe the company’s ability to install quality fake grass even in large yards with complex layouts:

“We can’t say enough about NoMow Turf & their General Manager Sierra.  We have a very large front yard that was about 20 yrs old & after many yrs of fighting weeds, grub worms, crows tearing up the grass & rabbits eating big patches we had had enough.  We did our research & decided on this company.  Sierra is great & so easy to work with & her quote was very reasonable. The crew worked their butts off as our yard is not only large but sloped too which presents a challenge. Through the years the slope had become uneven & the crew graded it & made it look awesome! They worked for 2 1/2 days non stop & the end result is awesome. Needless to say we highly recommend NoMow Turf….you won’t be disappointed!!!”

If you’re done with angrily pacing around your lawn wondering why it’s dying this time, we really recommend you at least look into installing the fake stuff. You’re saving money, saving the state’s precious water, and best of all, you’re taking away one headache from the long list of them we have to deal with in the modern world.

NoMow Turf

(866) 679-4863

26674 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630