When it comes to interior design, most take an attitude along the lines of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. That might be fine for friends and family, but there are some places that call for a higher standard of continuous improvement: the office. In between spreadsheets, folders, and filing cabinets, the idea of office improvement can get lost in the shuffle of tasks and to-do’s. Even if it’s been years since the space was first built and designed, an update may often be seen as something that is less important than other projects and goals. However, the quality of an office space can affect the performance of a company in a way that is one-of-a-kind. Environments have significantly impacted company culture and employee attitude, making the function of an office more important than most people realize.

Sometimes, even the oldest companies change their ways. Accommodations can enhance inclusivity and accessibility, helping to retain talent and also attract new recruits. Many long standing companies in America have adopted modern policies in the department of human resources. Modern offices need to be equipped with flexible, modular furniture that can be easily adapted to the constantly changing preferences for employees and teams. While some people prefer open office designs, others who once thought of cubicles as outdated actually prefer them now.

Redesigning and updating an office can feel daunting for big and small companies alike. The thought of shuffling around tables, chairs and other furniture, painting walls, drilling in shelves, can seem overwhelming. However, one way to look at the process is that it is a temporary, passing phase that can change the long-term trajectory of an organization in a lasting way. Boosting employee morale and preventing burnout can be priceless, worth every dollar and minute of time invested in the refresh.

When it’s time for a change in the office, it is important to have a plan that is optimized for your company’s structure and size. The discussion should be as collaborative as possible. Ask for feedback and suggestions from the team so that suitable solutions are implemented exactly as they are intended. Orange County is a hub of professionals and business owners who value work life balance and positive workspaces. Creative Office Designs offers a variety of new and used modular office furniture, including cubicles, desks, chairs, and tables that can be shipped, delivered, and installed upon request. The solutions are creative, functional, and polished. With various fabric and finishing options, system 2 panel system cubicles are simple to install, allowing the staff to resume work and enjoy their new office furniture as soon as possible. 

As with many types of projects across all industries, the key is to “work smart, not hard”. New office furniture is often more than enough to transform the space, without requiring a complete overhaul or renovation. The cost of investment is far outweighed by the benefits of having invigorated employees in a professional setting that leaves a better and more lasting impression on visitors. 

For your office furniture and cubicle needs, Creative Office Design is just one call away.

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