Mission Driven to Serve South County Sacramento

South County Services is dedicated to fostering individual and family self-sufficiency and well being with safety net programs that improve the quality of life for families in our region. Toward this goal we provide a host of services to people when they are in need.

We aim to be aware of and sensitive to the disparate population we serve. Our communities include individuals and families from varied backgrounds, speaking many languages and having distinct cultural values. We strive to serve everyone with dignity and respect for their humanity.

Part of South County Services mission is to be able to respond when a sudden crisis occurs as well as to be available to fill the needs of people on a daily basis. From being a source of Safety Net Programs — nutritional food, free clothing, utility and rental assistance, and more — to referring people to recreational opportunities and health care services for children and seniors, we recognize the need to be a multi-faceted organization.

South County Services also strives to be connected to the diverse communities we serve. Our staff networks with other nonprofit and public resources so that we can refer people to appropriate sources that can assist them with specific services. We recognize that we cannot offer a full menu of human services, but leverage our relationships with many organizations that supplement the services that are beyond our scope.

South County Services focuses on the demonstrated needs of our communities. We know that families need nutritional food, affordable health care, assistance in filling out and filing complicated forms, immigration advice and access to recreational opportunities that are offered throughout the region by county and city recreation departments.

We are also mission-driven to serve our seniors. We are a resource for meals, gas vouchers for medical appointments and social networking opportunities. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to making sure that seniors in our service area have access to opportunities that develop through county services and targeted grants.

With this menu of important services we aim to fulfill our overall mission to create a community safety net that fosters well being and to improves the quality of life for the people we serve.