The major boost in demand and support for cannabis has surged ever since legalization in certain states, like California. However, a similar trend has arisen in rates of crime targeted towards these businesses. This issue alone, among myriad of considerations, has become concerning enough to keep business owners and regulators up at night.

Dispensaries must meet strict standards to be licensed. Business owners need to understand the importance of good security measures while also seeking expertise and evaluation on strategy and implementation.

For any business, security is crucial in safeguarding the assets and environment for all individuals, including employees and customers. While physical goods and cash are the most frequent targets of robberies and break-ins, good security measures address these issues and beyond. Property damage, vandalism, unauthorized access, and breaches of customer privacy are all very real risks for businesses that can be just as damaging as loss of ingredients and products.

As the profits of cannabis dispensaries and growers flourish, their lucrative successes make them prime targets for theft and burglary. Additionally, as sale and distribution of cannabis remains a controversial and evolving space, cannabis companies are subject to strict legal and regulatory requirements for licensing as legal distributors or producers. Businesses need to be constantly up to date on best practices for security compliance to not only stay alive but also thrive. 

“Cannabis businesses in California, particularly in the Bay Area, have also been targeted in robberies. In the last two months of 2021, more than 25 pot shops were broken into and more than $5 million in cannabis was stolen, according to Americans for Safe Access.”

— As more marijuana dispensaries are targeted by robbers, SAFE Banking Act lingers in Congress, USA Today

Setting up effective security measures requires a multi-pronged approach. Surveillance cameras, comprehensive lockup procedures, and alarm systems are some of the key components. It is also important to encourage employees to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Comprehensive training is vital for situational protocols. For instance, if staff notice someone observing the business for several days, this should be reported to law enforcement, security personnel, as well as upper management.

Professional security consultants and experts can provide guidance that is crucial to bolstering your protection. Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions, based in San Francisco, provides Cannabis Security solutions consulting, including auditing existing practices, implementing necessary upgrades, and liaising with law enforcement 

Laws and enforcement are the backbone of a thriving legal cannabis industry of regulations; an expert in liaison with local precincts is crucial to understanding and acting on what your business needs in order to be compliant with current and future updated regulations. Enlisting help can be one of the most powerful ways to optimize systems to ensure the safety of your business, employees, and customers.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions offer comprehensive security systems auditing, implementation, and review to safeguard the physical and financial integrity of any cannabis company. 

The importance of security cannot be overstated. You can give Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions a call today. 

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