In these difficult times, people around the world are feeling a little bit down and wouldn’t mind feeling a little bit happier.

Sunlight Exposure Improves Focus

Sunlight exposure upon waking provides cognitive and hormonal benefits by inducing a more wakeful state of mind, improving focus and productivity throughout the rest of your day. 

Many of us are addicted to our smartphones, our eyes glued to the screen from the minute we wake up to the minute we fall asleep. However, it is actually best to open up your curtains or blinds as soon as the sun rises in the morning, before opening up your favorite app on your phone. 

Sunlight is key in regulating the hormones that influence the pace at which our bodies align with our natural circadian rhythm. Poorly aligned sleep schedules can lead to a vicious cycle of dysregulation: insomnia, disrupted sleep, and grogginess.

Physical Activity Elevates Mood

One of the best therapeutic methods to reduce symptoms of depression is simple: walking. 

Optic flow is the movement of objects relative to our position. This occurs whenever you take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, allowing the scenery to be absorbed by your peripheral vision and direct gaze. Optic flow is what helps calm your nervous system, which is why walking outside can be helpful for those who experience stress and anxiety.

More vigorous forms of physical activity, such as running or weight lifting, can serve as a positive outlet to release tension or rumination. For some, anxiety is partially due to an excess of energy, which needs to be siphoned into positive activities as a healthy adaptation. Endorphins, commonly known as the “runner’s high”, are secreted after challenging training sessions. 

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Meditation Promotes Mental Regulation

There are many forms of meditation, however, most of its teachers will begin with the lesson of breathing. Focus as you deeply inhale and exhale. Observe any racing or wandering thoughts that may arise. Return your focus again to your inhalation and exhalation. 

Meditation allows one’s focus to shift from the onslaught of daily challenges to a pattern that can be easily recognized as inherent to one’s body and mind connection. As such, practicing meditation can supplement cognitive behavioral therapy to adapt to adversity. 

Conscious Spending Saves Time And Energy

While “retail therapy” might feel truly relaxing and fun at the same time, consider spending your hard-earned money on other expenditures, such as investments that will help you save time. More and more Americans are finding it harder to do necessary household chores because so much of their time is spent working. In the productive and sunny state, many homeowners have hired an artificial turf installer in Orange County to transform their lawns from drab to fab. 

Artificial grass is a beautiful and low-maintenance alternative to real grass—and the weekly burden of lawn care

A poorly maintained lawn is not only unsightly, but it can also dampen your enthusiasm to spend time outside, which can make it harder for you to reach your health goals. Sunlight exposure, exercise, and meditation can all be enjoyed outside on a beautiful synthetic lawn. 

A little bit of green can help make life a little less blue.