Board Members

Our volunteer Board of Directors is a group of dedicated volunteers who log countless hours to make South County Services an effective non-profit that truly serves the needs of our region.

We depend upon our Board to help make critical decisions and keep the organization keenly focused on our mission to provide human services to our largely-rural and small city constituency. Away from the central hub of Sacramento County and its urban enclaves, we experience specific challenges as we try to meet the needs of families. It takes a particular understanding of our communities to design smart solutions and step up to challenges.

We are proud of our Board of Directors and grateful to them for their time, input and dedication. They work to make sure our food distribution program remains strong; that health and wellness services are accessible to low income families and individuals, and that we are able to offer region-wide resources to the people we serve.

Please remember that we welcome volunteers and new potential Board Members to lead us forward and keep us strong!

2017 South County Board of Directors

  • Craig Morris, Chair
  • Chris Reise, Vice Chair
  • LeeAnn McFadden, Treasurer
  • Teresa Shelly, Secretary
  • Barbara Payne
  • Maria D. Rosales, Executive Director